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    Tarkancı trakyatarkhan will become famous soon enough trakyatarkhan - ait Kullanıcı Resmi (Avatar)
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    Music Tarkan - Hop De ( Say Hop ) English Lyrics - Translation - Subtitles


    The HD video clip with English Subtitles

    [Linkleri Sadece Kayıtlı Üyeler Görebilir. Üye Olmak için Tiklayın]

    Keep away your cunning ideas from your head before entrapping you at the end.

    As for me, run and catch the last train before missing it.

    You can not find a deboner person like me, you hanker for me.

    Sweety! Leave your wrongheadedness.

    Crack the door open and let me in.

    Swallow your freaking pride and come to me.

    I give my eyeteeth to you.


    If you can not get the best of yourself.

    Let me bring you to your knees then.

    For a moment, say HOP to yourself!

    Come on! Overcome your stubborness and come.


    Take in the scene at a glance and see what's happening later.

    Turn onto my street right now!

    Snatch me before others.

    Let our arms linked and see what's happening later.

    Let me go to bed with you see what's happening later.

    Taste me and see what's happening later.


    Burn me but dabble at my fire.

    Mountain attained to other mountain but we don't!

    I will be barking mad at the end.

    Run away but how far?

    Excessive of the coquetry makes love tired.

    Listen to reason! Come and see.

    Years are passing one by one.
    Anti - Tarkancılar Tarkan'ın HAYAlarını almakta özgürdürler.

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    Tarkancı Alexandra is on a distinguished road Alexandra - ait Kullanıcı Resmi (Avatar)
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    You said this adequately.

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