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  1. March.30.2006 Tempo
  2. Canli canli 29.03.2006
  3. Tarkan...New Single Name Is .... :)
  4. Tarkan at TVs on May 1st 2006...
  5. Tarkan returns from his Spain trip...
  6. Hitt production
  7. Tarkan, trying to bounce back
  8. Tarkan Records Duet with Shakira Ahead of Bulgaria Gig
  9. Flash Flash Flash!!!Tarkan is the numberone at Viva Tv Charts
  10. Tarkan's Porsche has crashed while...
  11. Tarkan's costume is on public auction
  12. Tarkan will be at Harbiye Acıkhava Theatre......
  13. ''Start The Fire'' is on worldwide charts
  14. Tarkan Dazzles Sofia
  15. i need help
  16. Tarkan"s Turkey tour 2006
  17. Start The Fire Front and Back Covers
  18. !!!Start the Fire Ready Soon!!!
  19. Tarkan will earn 1.000.000 YTL per month
  20. ''No cancelling concert in France'' Tarkan says
  21. Tarkan's new hairstyle
  22. Tarkan's concert in Hamburg
  23. Tarkan's concert in Denmark
  24. Negative response of Bayülgen
  25. Tarkan on a movie premiere
  26. Bilge's new style
  27. This country will stop at nothing to make me gay
  28. Tarkan on Seda Sayan's talk show?
  29. Tarkan brings city to a pop-stop
  30. Ayse Arman defends Tarkan
  31. Music Pioneer Ahmet Ertegun Dead At 83
  32. Tarkan and the Israeli violinist ....
  33. BBC-Turkish funeral for music mogul
  34. A meeting in memory of Ahmet Ertegün
  35. Tarkan and Ben-Ari recording in L.A
  36. Tarkan supports Kenan Doglu
  37. No Tarkan On New Year's Eve !!
  38. Tarkan's brother missed!!
  39. Tarkan's brother wasn't missed
  40. Funeral in Turkey for music boss Ertegun
  41. Kenan Dogulu plans Helsinki bid
  42. Tarkan in 2006
  43. Tarkan is Back To Basics !!
  44. Tarkan's trip to London
  45. Tarkan's trip to Prague
  46. looking for a sponsor....
  47. Denise Biellmann danced with "Hüp"
  48. Tarkan's clon????
  49. Tarkan alone on Valentine's Day
  50. Tarkan in Hello! Magazine
  51. Possible Duet with Sibel Can ?
  52. Tarkan's gesture !!
  53. Tarkan is rejuvenating with grapes
  54. I Don't Need An Award
  55. Tarkan’s warning to his fans
  56. Tarkan's concert in Rotterdam
  57. Tarkan Rocks Rotterdam
  58. Singing in the Changes
  59. Tarkan in October Celebrations
  60. The project ''Tarkan I beat'' 2007
  61. Tarkan's Good Works
  62. Tarkan Works Update
  63. In The Turkish Press
  64. Aksu Support for Tarkan
  65. Tarkan Buzz in Domestic Press
  66. Lebanese singer picks İstanbul for music video shoot
  67. Emerging pop star Murat Boz: On his way to global stardom?
  68. Tarkan: Patron Saint of Turkish Music
  69. Support for Ex-Backing Singer Boz
  70. Why Tarkan ??
  71. Tarkan Concert Calender Updates for 2007
  72. Tarkan's new look [02.05.2007]
  73. Tarkan's New Hobby - Golf
  74. Tarkan about his new album and marriage
  75. Russians love Tarkan
  76. Dangerous chasing after Tarkan
  77. Tarkan is a cheater !
  78. Duet with Sibel Can
  79. Duet with Sezen Aksu?
  80. Rumour: Tarkan-Sibel Can "Cakmak Cakmak"
  81. 222 thousand euro just at one night!
  82. Tarkan's back from the USA [7.8.2007]
  83. Report with Tarkan's ex love Elif Dagdeviren
  84. [news] Tarkan @ Upper class party
  85. Bilge Öztürk soon at court :P
  86. Insulting words towards tarkan
  87. Tarkan and Bilge in London! [7.9.2007]
  88. News about the new Turkish album [24.9.07]
  89. Tarkan US remix
  90. OFFICIAL : Tarkan myspace is FAKE!!!
  91. correction on previous message! This is the official Myspace for tarkan
  92. Tarkan to give concert at Green Theatre, May 10-11 next year
  93. Newsflash [15.10-25.10.2007]
  94. Tarkan NEWS I never kne :S!
  95. Newsflash [29.10-29.11.2007]
  96. New POP Album Release 24th DEC.
  97. TRT to sign rock band Mor ve Ötesi for Eurovision
  98. Tarkan in New Year´s Eve??
  99. Google search for popular Turks
  100. The album is out!
  101. Pop singer Tarkan goes green with new contract
  102. PETA blasts Turkish singer Tarkan for wearing fur
  103. Not a real metamorphosis
  104. Tarkan to put mark on Turkish year in Russia
  105. Ayhan Günyıl's debut solo album hits music stores
  106. Come Closer için yorumlar....
  107. Turkish megastar Tarkan obliged to sing for eight hours without break at gun point
  108. Tarkan in talks to sing for world peace
  109. Pop star Tarkan slated for London gig in April
  110. Skylight-Ayhan Günyıl
  111. BBC Interview
  112. Megastar Tarkan to sing at Santralistanbul gig
  113. Tarkan and Bilge broke up
  114. Tarkan. News From Moscow
  115. Tarkan will bellydance for Russian female fans
  116. Tarkan: "I love Turkey, but I want the whole world"
  117. RUS NEWS: Tarkan requested and autographed ball by Russian soccer team.
  118. NEWS: Tarkan's requests
  119. Scandal @ Tarkan's concert
  120. Tarkan will learn Russian!
  121. Tarkan and Bilge confirmed the break-up
  122. CD celebrates Atakoğlu's quarter-century in music
  123. Tarkan to open Avea concert series in İstanbul
  124. Pop singer Tarkan to release single for nature
  125. Pop star Tarkan set for third concert at Harbiye
  126. Tarkan in poshu in Diyarbakır
  127. Frenchman gets inside Turkey's image abroad
  128. Anti-nuclear coalition to protest power plant tender
  129. Every day is special - 17.10.2008
  130. More about Hasankeyf and Tarkan is mentioned
  131. Reportage with Emel Sayin
  132. Start the Fire! - The exclusive interview with Tarkan (ALO Magazine,USA)
  133. Government to sponsor major Nevruz celebration
  134. Stars like Tarkan and Kenan Doğulu Just Angels clothing…
  135. Turkish music industry headed for boom in new albums in 2009
  136. We will overcome prejudice
  137. Activists in bid to dissuade gov't from wiping out Hasankeyf
  138. Greek pop star Sakis Rouvas confident in Eurovision bid
  139. Tarkan'a çok ilginç bir sürpriz.
  140. Tarkan will record a new song!
  141. Tarkan's new album release is postponed
  142. pare pare çekimi
  143. flash flash tarkan news on tarkandeluxe flash flash
  144. Tarkan arrested for drugs
  145. Tarkan is freeeeee!
  146. Support for Tarkan
  147. Tarkan Kral TV
  148. a very good news
  149. Duet with Rihanna; Tarkan moving to Florida?
  150. Tarkan..2010 album
  151. Tarkan ..A leading brand
  152. Tarkan ..pepsi commercial
  153. TARKAN 's love's last strike's lyricist
  154. Okan’s furious jokes made Tarkan very angry!
  155. Tarkan's love's last strike...strikesss
  156. Press release of European Court of Human Rights
  157. Tarkan is after his ex love..
  158. They set a trap to Tarkan!
  159. Tarkan left NewYork for good
  160. Tarkan is at the top of the list.
  161. Seven songs from Sezen?
  162. Press Snippets: More Media Tarkan Tales
  163. Sold the house
  164. Composer rejected by Tarkan..
  165. The duet of the year...
  166. Tarkan's new album into two parts
  167. Google Unmarks Tarkan's Official Site
  168. Tarkan Music Producer Denies Gossip
  169. Harbiye Open Air Concerts 2010
  170. Tarkan Official Site Updates
  171. Tarkan - Hop De ( Say Hop ) English Lyrics - Translation - Subtitles